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The 68 photographs were taken from 1980 through 2018 and are favorites of mine. I did not want them forgotten so I decided to pair them up and to create a small book of memory photographs.

“So often in our daily lives, small moments evoke distant memories and unlikely comparisons. “Pairs” spans Joanne’s nearly 40-year career as a gifted photographic artist. The book couples once misfit images into a series of engaging juxtapositions, where seemingly disparate everyday objects, people and creatures realize unexpected, yet delightful visual harmony.”
-Rob Park, Photographer and owner of Park Photo

“Joanne’s attention and attraction to the abstract shapes, textures and forms in our world bring her viewers into her search for beauty. We see through her photographs, that the infinite possibilities of our world sometimes overlap in surprising and elegant ways. Thank you for opening our eyes to some of these wondrous things.”
-Tom Murphy, Wildlife and Landscape Photographer

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